Many (16) years ago i worked at a high end 2 channel retail store. We used Sonance 16/4 speaker cable to the first speaker and then spliced on 16/2 ‘lamp cord’ aka ‘zip cord’ over to the second speaker. We did this A LOT in all sorts of residential and commercial installations. Years later i was hired at a Custom Installation firm where i have been ever since. Here we used 16/4 ProFlex and then 14/4 ProFlex for years until we started using Liberty for all of our cable needs. Since we have been using the right cable for so long i haven’t given brown lamp cord a second thought in over a decade.

Recently at AVSForum i suggested someone pick up a roll of lamp cord to wire up their new receiver and speakers to make sure everything is working the way they planned. When Neurodad brought up the fact that lamp cord should not be used in-wall i got curious and wondered why. I googled a little and decided to be lazy and ask at Remote Central . While there seems to be some debate about terminology i think its safe to say that everyone agrees that Lamp Cord should not be ran inside walls as Neurodad suggested in the AVS thread.

SPT-2 is a 16 AWG 2 conductor wire that is commonly known as lamp cord and zip cord. This cable is not allowed in-wall because it is not fire rated.

I learned something new today. Its information i don’t need but it’s still something new :).