I downloaded Prodigy Composer a couple days ago and quickly went thru setting up a fake system. I spent about an hour configuring a 4 zone system with a hand held remote, an in-wall touchscreen an iphone & xpanel interface. I added lighting and climate control also. When i was done i was able to open it in System Builder to polish it up. I don’t have the hardware to test with yet so i don’t know if i am really done programming after an hour. The Destiny template looks very nice. It appears to operate just like a System Builder generated system. While i wont be able to comment on functionality just yet, i have to say that programming was quite painless.

Screenshots of the iPhone user interface :

Prodigy iPhone UI

Prodigy iPhone UI

Prodigy iPhone UI


These links will take you to a few screenshots of the xpanel destiny interface. I did not post them because they are larger than my blog layout and i haven’t figured out the gallery tool just yet :).