My girlfriend has been telling me about these super cute photos from Petco for 6 weeks. She recently called Petco about it and they told her to wait another week…even though they were supposed to arrive within 3 weeks from purchase. Before calling petco directly she called their “straight to voicemail” line 855-pets-111 and never got a call back. Tonight we were talking about it and i decided to google it. I immediately found complaints dating back a couple of months at various “bitch boards” and then i found this at facebook:

Apparently some loser named David Myers of DS Myers LTD is headed out of business and taking a bunch of peoples money and photos of their pets with him. One of the posts was from a lady whos dog died recently so not only was she robbed financially…she was robbed of the last photos taken of her best friend. David Myers is officially a douche bag. They closed their facebook account after people started complaining. There are at least 4 photography companies all sharing the same phone number. Petco Portraits, Picture People, Paw Prints, Portraits Unleashed.

If you paid with a credit card you should be able to get your money back. First try complaining in the store you purchased at. Hopefully petco i smart enough to refund your money. If not contact your credit card company to get your refund and then spend at least an hour a day for the next month at every review and complaint site you can find.