I began making patch cables for my Crestron PVID’s and BIPAD’s. This pic shows my first box of 200 RCA compression fittings. ZERO failure after testing. Years ago everything was soldered. My first job had me sitting in the back room making custom terminated straightwire and monster cable for an hour or 2 each day. This was back before you could get monster cable at the gas station. I hated every smokey finger burning moment of it. I was in heaven when our first batch of compression fittings showed up. They had 3 parts and they sucked. There wasn’t a clear stop for the center pin so it was easy to end up with a cable that would pass continuity but not work. Then we got some in that had 2 parts and finally we started using Liberty which had 1 part and we haven’t used anything else since. The center pin is fixed so you avoid the issues we have had with other manufacturers.