Husky 14 inch The Total Tool Bag With Tool Wall
Model #79907N09

This is one of the most unique tool bags i have seen in a long time. It’s a steal @ $89.97. I spotted it in Home Depot. The flaps are filled with storage puches & pockets inside and out. They can be completely unzipped to give you complete access to the “tool wall” in the center of the bag.

The outside has a bunch of nice pockets including the ones on each side that can hold small parts boxes or other tools.

The handle is a dark chrome with a rubber grip in the center. The handle hinges nicely so that it can fold down flat while transporting the tools. There is also a shoulder strap included.

The bag has a “shape” to it. What i mean is that its rigid and not soft so the bag mantains its shape and dimensions. It has 4 large rubber feet on the bottom.