Last weekend i helped my cousin install a plasma in his father-in-law’s family room. We put it over the fireplace and i temporarily ran the cable line from the wall plate around the edge of the room tot he new HDDVR cable box.

The cable line was connected directly to a an old TV and worked just fine. After connecting everything and firing up the system i flipped around a few cable channels and packed up my stuff and headed home. That night i get a call about some of the channels not working.

Most of my clients are DirecTV subscribers so i rarely have to deal with cable so i had no idea what was up. The first thing i check is the connectors on the temporary cable i made, then i check the wall-plate connections and then i head to the basement to see whats going on down there. I discover an RG59 with a RG6 compression connector that’s not terminated, its just pushed on and the cable looks like someone stripped it with a pair of scissors :). The connector fell off as i grabbed the cable to look at it.

So i fixed the problem by pulling a new RG6 from the splitter to the new cable box location. The crazy part is that it was like this for more than 5 years and worked just fine with the existing TV!