If prodigy had a plug and play CCTV camera and door bell-intercom solution i could spec it for a good portion of the projects i install. Another thing i would like to see is a wireless touchscreen. If Apple ever puts out a 7 or 9 inch touchpanel it would be a perfect add on for prodigy.

I am happy to see a wizard based system from Crestron. From the looks of it Crestron dealers will no longer have to look elsewhere for… well for anything. According to this CEPro article “A Prodigy system starts at about $825 for the controller, remote and wireless gateway (optional, but you’ll want it)”. This puts prodigy in line for entry level systems that we would have quoted other control systems for.

Welcome to a world where rock solid Crestron hardware is affordable and easy to install. Download the brochure from Crestron with the link below.

– Crestron Prodigy Brochure