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Petco Photography Fail – David Myers is a crook

My girlfriend has been telling me about these super cute photos from Petco for 6 weeks. She recently called Petco about it and they told her to wait another week…even though they were supposed to arrive within 3 weeks from purchase. Before calling petco directly she called their “straight to voicemail” line 855-pets-111 and never got a call back. Tonight we were talking about it and i decided to google it. I immediately found complaints dating back a couple of months at various “bitch boards” and then i found this at facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PawPrintsPhotographyPortraitsUnleashed.

Apparently some loser named David Myers of DS Myers LTD is headed out of business and taking a bunch of peoples money and photos of their pets with him. One of the posts was from a lady whos dog died recently so not only was she robbed financially…she was robbed of the last photos taken of her best friend. David Myers is officially a douche bag. They closed their facebook account after people started complaining. There are at least 4 photography companies all sharing the same phone number. Petco Portraits, Picture People, Paw Prints, Portraits Unleashed.

If you paid with a credit card you should be able to get your money back. First try complaining in the store you purchased at. Hopefully petco i smart enough to refund your money. If not contact your credit card company to get your refund and then spend at least an hour a day for the next month at every review and complaint site you can find.


OT – Help if you can

I copied this right out of the thread at Remote Central. I even stole the thread title :). Go ahead and try to make it thru the video below without feeling inspired.

On 1317794146, WhiteVan Lifestyle said…
Hey guys, this is my nephew. Many of you who have been around for a while will most likely remember when my family was dealing with this tragic accident. I dont think I’ve followed up with whats become of my nephew since those times. To put it into short form he’s become an inspiration and someone the world needs to see.
Check out the video, share the video and if you can then donate a couple bucks. Only 3 days left and we are oh so close.

Donate Here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/newfangledstudios/sky-high-an-original-documentary?ref=live Pitch in whatever you can, it all adds up!

When your done go over and check out the latest URC Newsletter where our friend Jeff Madden from Safe ‘N Sound, shares some hard earned insight about the industry. http://www.universalremote.com/newsletter/2011/october/


Update! The Skinny on Monster Cable

Update! Both cables are defective. Couldn’t get either one to work properly. Glad i didnt waste my time fishing them.

I needed a 15′ HDMI cable for a retro-fit project where i had to snake it across the face of a fireplace then a sharp 90 degree turn back then another sharp 90 into the cabinet. I am replacing component-stereo cables with the HDMI cable.

I wanted something as thin and flexible as the cheese HDMI cables that come with DirecTV & cable boxes. This is difficult because those cables are 6′ and the typical 10’+ HDMI cable is twice as thick.

I found Monster Cable “Flat Screen” HDMI cables. They are just a hair over 1/8″ thick. Much smaller than the cheapo HDMI cables and super flexible (think USB cable). The connector is very small also. Should be easy to fish (hopefully) :) $65 at Amazon.

Monster Cable HDMI

Monster Cable HDMI


Giving Back & Helping Out

October is breast cancer awareness month. There are literally a million ways to participate and pitch in. The easiest being a simple donation. A few bucks mutliplied by everyone is a lot more than a few bucks. I know the economy sucks and we all want iPad’s but please try and scrape around in the change jar and head over to komen.org to donate. See the tasteful image below :).

My other favorite charity is kiva.org/. My favorite part about this charity is that you have people who want to work hard and a network of people who can help them do it. My first loan was $25. It has already been paid back and i loaned it to someone else. Every time i have extra cash i make another $25 loan. This is pocket change i would have wasted on candy. Now its being used to build lives and love all across the world.


Rent A Guy Home Theater

I spotted a new player in the home theater game today. He was sitting in the parking lot of the 7-eleven near my home. I am not sure how i will compete with someone who can subsidize home theater revenue with home and building maintenance and repair.


DirecTV Shenanigans

I am working at a clients home and waiting for DirecTV to show up between 8 & 12. A carpenter is working outside between 8 & 10 and i was outside between 11 & 12. Another CI and I were inside between 10 & 11. No one else in the house so its quiet. The door bell is not installed.

DirecTV calls the client and leaves a message saying they couldnt get in, they knocked but no one answered. They claim they are coming back in the afternoon. I put a sign up that says DIRECTV WE ARE INSIDE KNOCK HARD. DirecTV calls client and says they knocked for 10 minutes and no one let them in. Client reschedules them for the next day.

The next day i drop off FlyingMachine @ the airport and head back to the clients home. I am working on the front porch when i see a white minivan with a magnet DirecTV sign on the door drive by @ about 1 mph. The guy driving is scoping the house out and stops at the end of the drive way and puts his van in reverse as if hes going to park. I start waving to him to get his attention and as soon as he sees me he puts the van in drive and peels out. He basically confirmed what we told the client. They didnt want to do the job that day so they pretend to stop by and claim they cant get it.

I have dealt with DirecTV for a decade or more so i know all the BS they try to pull but this is the first time i actually caught one of their installers speed away for fear he may have to do an install. I assume the installer is being paid by the hour and works for a DirecTV sub contractor that gets paid by DirecTV based on installation. In my area the DirecTV installers are all 1 man shows and they are like vulchers fighting over every installation. Theres no way they would pass up an easy install 2 days in a row. The dish location can be reached with a 6 foot ladder and the cables are already pulled. All the guy has to do is mount the dish and activate the receivers that are going in the rack.

Now they wont be back out until monday.. when the programmer shows up.. this time i will be ready. I am going to block off the intersection and get the cage ready..