I read an article 3 or maybe 4 years ago now the predicted the fall of Circuit City. It was right around the time that Walmart began to push heavily towards CE product sales. Cameras, Computers & Flat Screen TV’s. I wish i would have saved the article, it explained how Walmart would chip away at Circuit City’s #2 role in the big box store arena. What the article did not mention is how online sales would play a role. Between online sales and Walmart there was no room left for Circuit City and they eventually folded.

Best Buy is next. Whenever companies name names in commercials its because they are getting worried and maybe even a little desperate. I wish i had time to experiment. I would love to find a TV at Walmart and try to get Best Buy to price match it. They probably don’t carry the same models making this video sillier than it already is. I guess Best Buy has to deal with tire kickers also :).